If I had to write a song about my journey to success as a songwriter, it would definitely be about tenacity & persistence.

 Jenn's 20+ years in the music business have helped her form a unique yet universal message about tenacity and belief in oneself; and how sometimes taking a risk and walking the path less traveled can reap huge rewards. 

Whether it be in the setting of a corporate conference, a collegiate keynote address, or a women's summit, Jenn's presentations speak to the highs and lows we all encounter in our professional journeys.  What makes Jenn's message unique?  Music.  Not only does she powerfully share her journey with her words, but she brings along her guitar and incorporates snippets of her songs to help engage her audience and make her testimony memorable.


THE POWER OF PERSISTENCE:  Jenn inspires her audience to stay in the game despite set-backs and obstacles, sharing ways to take a "no" and use it to keep moving forward. 

HOW TO BE YOUR OWN CEO:  Jenn motivates her audience members to take charge of their lives and careers and gives tips on how to create a unique professional brand.

TAKING THE PATH LESS TRAVELED:  Jenn shares what helped her turn a career dream from an "eventually" into a "right now," and encourages her audience to be fearless in pursuit of their passions.

CREATIVITY & THE CRAFT OF SONGWRITING:  For music-related groups, classes, or organizations, Jenn caters directly to your wishes for specific insight into navigating the music business, how to foster creativity, or honing the craft of songwriting.

In addition to giving a powerful presentation, Jenn can customize her appearance to include a break-out songwriting session with your attendees or an acoustic live performance of a select number of her original songs.  If your business or organization would like a larger musical event, Jenn can bring along two other professional songwriters to create a Nashville-style "in the round" songwriters night.

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